All About Grinding

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Billions of cups are consumed each day across different cultures thanks to the universal appeal of this beverage. Coffee shops can be found on almost every corner in major cities as patrons continue to flock to their doors for their morning ritual or afternoon habit. These shops need to be well-equipped for the demand of their customers, otherwise they might flock to competitors. One of the most important machines in a coffee shop is the industrial grinder.

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Small personal grinders simply won't do when you are trying to serve hundreds or even thousands per day. Below are some of the most important factors to consider when buying such a machine:

Grinding Capacity

The grinding capacity of the unit should be good enough for the needs of the shop. You need a mean machine that can produce ground coffee quickly so that you will always have ample ingredients to fill the orders. For example, a small café might be fine with something that has a grinding capacity of 60kg/h when creating fine Turkish style coffee. The same unit can get as high as 180kg/h for espresso which does not require as much work. For a large coffee shop, however, these numbers may be inadequate. It might benefit from a unit that can handle 120kg/h for fine grinding and 240 kg/h for course bits.

Hopper Capacity

You should also check the hopper capacity as this will influence how fast you can get the work done. This is at the top part of the machine which acts as the preliminary staging area. It is shaped like an inverted cone so that it can be easy to place the beans on the wide mouth while gravity causes each to fall down in a controlled manner through the tapered bottom. This makes sure that the grinder motor will not be overwhelmed with the influx of beans. It will always deal with a few at a time.

Disc Diameter

Consider the diameter of the disc inside the grinder. A bigger one will be able to grind more so go with the biggest for efficient operations. They usually come in 200mm to 300mm sizes. Vertical hardened steel is a popular type because of its strength and durability. You should be able to use it for a long time without needing a replacement.

Motor Power

If you want a powerful grinder, then you must get a powerful motor. This will be the source of the machine's brawn. Small grinders might have a rating of around 7.5 horsepower or 5.5 kilowatt. Meanwhile, a slightly bigger one would be around 11 horsepower or 7.5 kilowatt.


If you have a fixed spot for your industrial grinder, then size and weight will not be much of a concern. You will do well as long as the machine runs smoothly. Others might want a smaller and more portable machine. These weigh around 400 lbs or more so heavy ones often come with wheels.